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Client Testimonials for Newport Pet Clinic in Tustin, California

The comments below were copied from various internet 'review' sites.  We greatly appreciate these kind words and the trust that has been placed in our team.  We understand that you can't always please everyone.... but we will keep trying to do just that.


"I'm so glad a friend recommended this pet clinic. We originally started going to Newport Pet Clinic when Dr. Bass was there and we absolutely loved him. He took time with Buddy and I never felt rushed. We were very sad to hear that he passed and honestly quite nervous about the new veterinarians on staff. After Buddy's first appointment since Dr. Bass' passing, I was relieved knowing they brought on top notch animal lovers. The rest of the staff (Bonnie, Emily, Lisa) are also extremely friendly and Tiana does a great job grooming Buddy every four weeks! I would highly recommend." --Erin. H Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Dog just got haircut

Newport Pet Clinic--its doctors, staff, and management--has been absolutely and undeniably amazing to my bubba, Luca, and to me. I initially brought my Luca to NPC when I moved to the area after reading the Yelp reviews and ratings. I was very picky and adamant that only the best would do for my little guy since he is my whole world and I honestly would not be where I am today without him. That said, i wanted to make sure he got the best care and that I, as well, felt comfortable and cared for as his mum.

I was immediately taken by the quaint village-like plaza that NPC is located in, surrounded by novelty shoops (coffee shop, stores, etc), as well as quick and easy access to franchises. The plaza stands out, as it is easily seen from the street and has an upscale feel to it. NPC itself looks upscale, very quaint inside and out, somewhat vintage and very unique! I was afraid that would mean the costs would be more than I could handle, BUT the staff and vets go out of their way to explain the diagnostic and treatment options--all of them.

Luca hurt his back recently and the Vet laid out every single charge for every diagnostic imaging procedure, any medication that would be given during imaging, every single Rx that would be prescribed, the cost of the visit, etc. What really impressed me was that by doing this they included me in the treatment planning, where it was a collaborative process aimed at deciding on and providing the best  care and most effective treatments, but those which would be the least intrusive and/or costly options first. They do a great job explaining the costs and benefits of each treatment option, their necessities at the time your pet is seen, and when and how to decide if it is time to step up to any more costly treatments. 

Bottom line: "I want to make sure you know that you have options"--Dr. TaMarra Woodling-Rodriguez. White Dog Smiling

Those words got me breathing a sigh of relief and were, in many ways, comforting. Dr. Woodling did an amazing job at explaining everything to me and I felt more at ease knowing that I was having a HUMAN conversation, I was being heard, and that my questions and concerns were being addressed, which all helped my anxiety about my pup decrease. I felt a lot better knowing that NPC has the best interest of both pet and parent in mind, and they approach the care they provide with intention and compassion. 

Luca had been in so much pain, and both he and I were nervous about the physical exam. Dr. Woodling was extremely gentle and followed Luca's lead and took things at his pace, being incredibly empathic to his pain, humane, and surely minimizing the trauma of being at the vet's! The staff were all on the same page about everything--up to speed on Luca's care and treatment plan, proactively mindful about cost and financial burden, and they all are always so encouraging toward both Luca and me. 

They have helped me get through this week in helping Luca heal by calling to check in on how he was the day after the appointment and again a couple days later. They really walked me through this very scary time (for pup and mum), step by step. I am so grateful for Newport Pet Clinic and all of the extraordinary individuals who make it all that it is--all for the sole purpose of promoting the health, wellbeing, and longevity of my Luca and the gift of our companionship. After all, it takes a village. --Stephanie K. Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Cheeky the pup

"Newport Pet clinic is the only place I trust with my pup, Cheeky. Everyone there is so incredibly nice and service-focused, from the front desk to the vet techs to the doctors. They treat you like family. The doctors are always so patient with me answer all my questions without making me feel like a crazy dog-mom. I also like how calming of a place it is for my pup. She used to be so nervous going to the vet, with loud and chaotic waiting areas. At Newport Pet Clinic, the waiting area is relaxed, which keeps my pup happy. She even likes all the doctors kisses! I would definitely recommend coming here with your pup!"--Carlye R. Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

"We started bringing our puppy Labrador Retriever to Newport Pet Clinic when she was 8 weeks old back in January on the recommendation from a friend. Bonnie and her staff have been nothing but professional, caring, and responsible. our pup has gotten all her shots from Newport Pet Clinic and was recently spayed and is recovering just as expected. Newport Pet Clinic is a top notch vet who genuinely cares about their "patients" and their owners. I couldn't recommend them any higher." --Bruce K. Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

"Wonderful experience! I took my pup Django here after seeing the great reviews and comparing prices for a dental cleaning with other offices in Tustin. We got a check up, nail trim, dental cleaning, and two vaccines for under $300! Not only was it affordable but the staff was extremely friendly and so sweet to my little guy. Bonnie fed him treats while we were waiting for Dr. Woodling and was very calming and friendly as well. Nice, clean office in a great location. Overall I couldn't be happier with our appointment today. Thank you!!" --Anna M. Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Anna and her happy pup

"Had a scare with our dog and they were close by & WONDERFUL! First time visit and can't believe it took us 6 years to make in their door. Staff & Doc were great and caring. Thank you all for  being so wonderful & caring!" --Di D. Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

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